Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Wanna! Wednesday

I just love the look of window arbors. Some people call them window trellises. Whatever you want to call them, I love 'em.

This one is from GM Design. Isn't it so homey looking?! Talk about bringing the garden right up to your window!

Some people don't like to have any kind of greenery up against the house. My father-in-law included. He'd have nothing short of a conniption if I intentionally grew any sort of vine or bush right up against the house. But I think these arbors look adorable even with nothing growing on them.

This one is from Walpole Woodworkers. Crazy expensive (as in $329 just for the brackets. The lathing adds up to about as much too).

Nope, not going out to order one of those today. But it sure is fun to dream.

Here is another example from Walpole. See how they've incorporated the lattice trellis leading up to the arbor?

When we first moved into this neighborhood six years ago, JD and I would walk through the maze of streets, gazing at all the old homes. We just couldn't get enough, how each one was unique and oozing charm in its own special way.

One house had an arbor over the garage. It was wood, painted white. And I thought "Ooh, I want one of those some day!" I went by the house to take a picture for you all. But, to my disappointment, the owners are in the process of covering the house with vinyl siding and the arbor has been taken down. So sad.

I did come across another one the other day, though. Well, virtually, anyway. Lisa, over at Warm Heart Cozy Home posted a picture of her garage with the arbor above. Do go over and take a look. It's absolutely a~d~o~r~a~b~l~e! And she came up with a clever solution to add greenery, taboot.


Anonymous said...

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Merry Present said...

I just bought a 5 foot wide one from for $119.