Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to Work and Ebay v.s. Etsy

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Yesterday I browsed some of the ebay discussion forums. I was looking for some insight on the Auctiva issue. According to the other ebayers, the problem was with Mozilla/Firefox browsers and Auctiva. Those using Internet Explorer were supposedly able to get into their Auctiva accounts with no problems.

I attempted to get in to Auctiva on my Mac and still encountered the warnings, even under IE. I did not attempt it on my PC...just in case. (Even with all the firewalls and virus protectors and whatnot, I still trust my Mac to ward off viruses more than my PC.)

This morning I tried Auctiva again, and it seems to be working fine, even under Firefox. So I put together an auction real quick. I've got it scheduled to post this evening. Better two days late than never, right?

It's a re-run of the first Rose Coupon Organizer I did, this time all decked out with pink ribbons and bow instead of white. I'm beginning to wonder if these particular rose graphics are wearing out their welcome. I've done several organizers with them now. But, you know, since I have to pay for the graphics, I want to get as much use out of them as I can. And people do still seem to buy them. So I guess they can't be too tired of them...yet. Right?

In any case, I'm feeling the urge to purchase more graphics again soon. I've had some requests for designs using reds, so I'm thinking of going in that direction.

On a side note, the ebay fees are killing me. Etsy is looking better and better to me all the time. I'm just hesitant about the lack of exposure at Etsy. I'm afraid there won't be as much traffic. Another concern is I notice things seem to sell ALOT cheaper there and the shipping rates are unreasonable. They don't cover the true cost of shipping. How are sellers making any profit?

Any thoughts from you Etsy'ers out there?

Ok, enough rambling for this morning. Got to get busy; I've got a whole day's work ahead of me.

Happy Monday Everybody!


Joyce said...

I love pink and that's how my bedroom is decorated. My kitchen, though, has many red accents. Red is a hugely popular color now in kitchens and I bet you would do well bringing in that color also. Your coupon caddy's are really cute. You do a very nice job on them. Now go buy one, you say. I may just do that!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

HI Kim! I LOVE that coupon box! Such a pretty color of pink! Great job!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

K-I'm an eleven year eBay seller who went from 500 items to about 50 mostly in an eBay store. I put almost 200 items on etsy. Sales are tough both places. I also have a new Auctiva ecommerce site which is really slow. In the end, my income is about gone, but I have to try to develop the etsy (livinonthefringe) because I cannot even pay the eBay fees in this economy. On a brighter note, I am selling personal items for my starving college student on eBay, lachambrerose, and that is actually getting some bids. It consists of old kitchen items. Great benefits...fewer items in my cabinets and money for T. I think etsy may be worth it.