Friday, February 13, 2009

Pictures for Kelly

I was trying to get caught up on my blog visits when I came across Kelly's post over at Rose Vine Cottage Two. She posted pictures of an antique bedframe she recently purchased. I kid you not, I gasped outloud and surely would have fallen out of my chair if it didn't have arms on it.

Kelly, these pictures are for you, to show you the detail of my bed so you can see. It's just like yours! (In my brain I'm screaming that because I'm really very excited to have finally found another one like mine)

My mother bought this wrought iron bed for me when I was a little girl. My earliest memory of it is when I was in Kindergarten. I'm 38 I believe this bed has been with our family for about 33 years.

I used the footboard as a bar to practice my gymnastic swings, flipping over the footboard or balancing myself above it as if I were on the uneven bars. Such a silly girl, I was.

I recall being afraid of the detail work. It looked like two very stern eyes looking at me, with an almost gargoyle look to it. Why couldn't I have been a happy-go-lucky kid who saw the design as a beautiful butterfly or something?

My mother says when she first bought the bed, it was rusted badly. She spent a great deal of time cleaning it up and then painted it a creamy white. It's been repainted a few more times over the years. You can see some of the spots where the paint has chipped off. I don't mind a bit.

This is the most UNflattering picture you'll see. LOL I had to raise the skirt to show you. Even the joint where the pieces meet match yours.

I've looked at other wrought iron beds over the years. But none hold a candle to this one. It has many MANY years of memories for me. Like I said in my comments on your blog Kelly, I won't let my bed go 'til they put me in a pine box.

I hope yours becomes a favorite in your family too, to be passed down and cherished through the generations.


vintagewindow said...

I love old iron beds and yours is a beauty. Amazing what we see as children and how differently we see things as adults.

Happy Friday


C. C. said...

Very nice bed! A few years ago I was hunting for a bed for my daughter and I found nothing but ugly! What has happened to the lovely things of the past or the workmanship in todays things? What a treasure you have!

I do a lot of crafts and I am not kind in the washing of them (referring to your pillows). If they came off the pillow forms (and they were mine) I'd THROW them unceremoniously into the washingmachine with a small amount of Tide and 1/2 cup of vinegar (I wouldn't use softener - I am always afraid of it attracting dirt on something you don't want to wash often; but that is a personal, not proven, phobia!). Then I would lay them flat to dry and, making sure there is no gook on your iron, iron away on them! If you are terribly worried, I suppose you could take them to the dry cleaners. They sure are pretty!

Have a nice day!

C. C.

C. C. said...

Sorry, I just went back and read the pillows were NOT over pillow forms. I would still take them off of their stuffing and buy or make new forms. Then you would feel they were all the way clean. What could happen if you don't do that is you will have one clean spot and the rest of it would remain "vintage". I personally love vinegar (white) for laundry; a good soaking (in the above-comment) before running it through the cycle. Maybe a gentle scrubbing of the detergent into the spot before soaking. At the very least, the stain will be lightened so as to not be so noticeable to you.

C. C.


Hi Kim,
OMG I almost missed your comment about the bed, I am so sorry it took me so long to get over here to see the pic's, we left mid day on Fri and just came home. I am not bothered at all about your comments and posts!! I completley understand your excitement and I love that! I do the same thing, LOL. Your bed is beautiful and I was wondering if it used to have the flowers on it like mine? I sure hope to pass it down to one of my kids, maybe I'll have granddaughters some day and they can use it for her or it could be in the guest bedroom when I visit them, but for now I will appreciate it! Thanks so much for showing the pic's it was so fun.