Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Wanna! Wednesday

My "I Wanna's" aren't always things I want to buy or build. Sometimes they're things I wanna do.

Today I wanna climb up into the attic. I wanna search for the huge boxes labeled "Fall Decorations". I wanna lug them to the middle of the attic floor, sit down and go through them. As I sort through them, I want to reminisce about seasons gone by. I wanna select a few things to bring back down to decorate our home for the upcoming season. I wanna stage a new Fall arrangement in the shadowbox. I wanna store away my summer porch decorations. I wanna deck the porch with pumpkins and gourds and cornstalks. Faux fall foliage, burnt orange ribbons, and hay bales.

But, alas, it's a busy busy week. Studying, football, PTA, PGR, parades. And I've finally got students enrolled again in my cake decorating classes so those take up my evenings too.

I hope to get my Autumn decorating done this weekend. I sure wanna!

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