Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's in a K- anyway?

Many years ago I worked at a high school in Southern California. My boss was an Assistant Principal at the time. His name is Mike and he is now the Principal of the District's newest high school. We worked very well together. Mike treated me like no other boss I've ever had. I had never known a supervisor to treat people with such respect and downright appreciation the way Mike did.

I only had the pleasure of working under Mike for about 2 years, as our family ended up moving to Oklahoma. During the time I worked for him, I can count on one hand the number of days Mike did not give me a gift of some sort. Yes, that's right. He gave me presents. Every. Single. Day.

Most times they were quite simple. A piece of candy waiting for me in my desk drawer when I arrived to work. Some days they were quite thoughtful. At the time I collected birdhouses. I ultimately had over 200 in my collection. Mike was the largest single contributor to this collection (besides myself, of course). For Secretary's Day I arrived to work to find the most exquisite bouquet of red roses I have ever seen in my life waiting for me on my desk.

Now, before people start talking, it needs to be known. Mike's wife was the driving force behind the gifts. She has a natural gift for learning a little about someone and then finding the perfect gift for them. Like the matching mommy/son "Puppy Love" sweatshirt and onesie they gave to me when Sportster was born.

It also should be known that my husband worked at the school as well as a Campus Security Officer. And that when I was out on maternity leave, Mike was just as generous with my temporary replacement. It's just the kind of man he is. Very generous, a believer in maintaining good office morale, and very appreciative of a job well done.

I gained two everlasting things from my time with Mike. First was my understanding of how vital it is to treat one's employees or subordinates with respect. To make them feel valued. The impact a simple "Thank you" can have.

The other thing I took away from that experience is my signature "K-". You see, when Mike would write notes to me, he would sign them "M-".

Please schedule a 10:00 meeting for me with Mr. Smith.

That sort of thing.

After a while, I began mine to him as "M-" and later signing "K-".

Your meeting has been scheduled.


And it stuck. I began signing all my notes, emails and informal correspondences as "K-". I no longer sign anything with my full name unless it's a legal document.

Mike's wife's name also starts with an "M". When I would send thank you cards to them for their generous gifts, I addressed them to "M & M". Still to this day, when we exchange Christmas cards or other letters of greeting, they are "M & M".

Now when you see me sign my comments, you know the story behind my signature "K-". You'll know that it is not me being flippant or short or trying to be "cute". It is me being me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Last December JD and I were shopping the quaint town square stores of Mayberry. In one store we came across some monogrammed note cards which took my breath away. They had soft pink roses and lace on them. Unfortunately, they were out of "K" note cards. They had "B's", which I suppose should have sufficed for our last name. But I really wanted the K because everyone I write notes or letters to knows I sign them K-.

I told JD that was the only thing I wanted for Christmas. Those note cards. He searched and finally found them in another store here in our town. He snatched them up for me.

The cards are in a little portfolio box. It's hard to show in the photos, but the lace is beautifully embossed. The monogram is also embossed in a shiny metallic shade of pink.

The note cards are die cut around the lace.

Even the back of the note card is covered in softly muted roses.

They are from Carol's Rose Garden.

I love these cards. They are very ME.



Hi K,
I am so sorry about your daughter, it must be so scarey and frustrating for you as a Mom, our worst nightmare as Mommy's. I bet you are ready for your husband to get home! Interesting boss you had, very sweet though I don't think there are to many like him around. Thanks for visiting me.
P.S. I guess we are K&K, LOL


Hey Kim the bike is an Electra bike. I didn't find this particular one on the first site I went on though, you might have to search a couple of them to find it, I also like the Gypsy by Electra, this one is called Petro Zillia. Try