Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pink Saturday - Think Pink

We all know that.

But it lasts much longer than just October. Public awareness, education, research, early detection, treatment and a CURE are year-round projects.

Here we are on the last Pink Saturday of the month. I'd like to share a couple of ways I found to continue to support this cause as we head into the Holidays.

Have you heard the news? Linens-N-Things is going out of business. Closing all of its stores nationwide by the end of this year. They have already begun the close-out pricing in their stores.

Linens-N-Things has been a consistent supporter of breast cancer awareness. Each year they set up Pink Departments, selling everything pink you can imagine for your kitchen and bath. LNT and their venders donate part of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

This might be a good time to head on in to your local Linens-N-Things, get some good deals, pick up some Pink items they may still have left...and support a company who proved itself to be a supporter of women.

The other day I was in Wal-Mart and spied some special wrapping paper. It was in the Christmas section with their Christmas wrapping paper. The soft pink colors first caught my eye (I'm always on the hunt for shabby pink or Victorian Christmas paper). Then I saw the Pink Ribbon.

Notice their Ribbon is upside down? You can read why here.

The Gift wrap is for Friends For An Early Breast Cancer Test.

There are a couple of different patterns available. This is the one I bought.

I do not believe these are available online, at least I haven't been able to find them there. Only in the Wal-Mart store. They were $4 a roll.

As we bring October to a close, let's all continue to


And now head on over to Beverly's to see all the other ladies participating in today's Pink Saturday.


sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

You're right. we should keep it in mind all year. What pretty gift wrap. I had no idea about LNT---how sad.

Stacey said...

Great post! Thanks for reminding us all how we should be thinking year round. Happy Pink Saturday... Stacey

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you....great post!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Kim.

Your post is perfect! It is so important that we unite to find a cure for all types of cancer.

Robyn said...

Kim - great job on you posting - we should always be aware and doing our best to help find a cure!
Thanks for the tip about Linens and Things closing, had not heard about it.
Have a fun weekend!

victoria ~ auction girl vintage said...

Kim, thanks so much for sharing the info about FRIENDS, I was not aware of their group until now. I iwll add info about them to my Breast Cancer Awareness page on my teaching website

There's a link there to click through (daily) to help fund free mammograms for women in need. Clicking the link is fast and free, and donations are made by sponsers of

With 7 days left in October, the site has achieved 86% of it's goal of funding 500 free mammorgrams this month. Please share this info with your family and friends.

I'll be heading to Walmart later toda to pick up some of that gorgeous paper to stash away for future projects.

Thanks again for all you do :o)


Virginia said...

Great post.Thanks so much for sharing the information.
Have a Bless & happy Pink Saturday,

Denise Elizabeth said...

Hi happy pink day. Love your pink post! Denise

Leena said...

All those things are very important to remember. Really good post!

Greetings from Finland and happy weekend to you!

Patricia said...

I noticed last week ~Linen and Things~ was having a going out of business sale - I was rather sad and I didn't go in the store. I probably missed the pink section. I love your pink blingy. I hope to remember throughout the new year breaast cancer awareness. You have written a lovely post. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.


Happy Pink Saturday!

Great PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

imjacobsmom said...

Kim, thanks for bringing this information to the forfront. I never knew there was a distinction with the pink ribbon - now I will seek it out. Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Kim...

Thanks for sharing info on the pink breast cancer ribbon and also on Linens-N-Things. I had not heard they were going out of business. I will definately need to make a stop in there soon to see if I can find some pretty pink things for my home. Happy Pink Saturday!!

CC said...

Such beautiful wrapping paper and such a great cause.. Have a Happy Pink Saturday..

Smilingsal said...

I did not know that wrapping paper was October pink, but of course, that makes sense. Thanks for sharing. I have a book giveaway. See my sidebar to enter. Happy Pink Saturday!

Utah Grammie said...

As a breast cancer survivor, I want to thank you for today's posting! As women, we need to do all we can to eradicate this forever - and, just a thought, I found mine myself and even went over the heads of those doctors who said "let's wait 6 months and see"
By the time I had them convinced that something was indeed wrong - it had spread to my lymph nodes. My point? Trust your instincts - and question everthing ..
12 years and counting!

Grandma Faith said...

Thank you so much for your post today. The sparkly roses at the end are wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful Pink post! I will miss Linens and Things (and Mervyns!) Darn.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Joy said...

That is beautiful gift wrap. I will keep an eye out for it. :o)

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I concur. This is something that must remain in our minds all year long. Breast Cancer runs in my family and I've been having mammo's every year since I was 21. We must continue to get the word out.
Thanks for such a meaningful PS Post.I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

KatCollects said...

What a great pink post! I love the wrapping paper, I am going to go look for some this week.

Candy said...

Hiya Kim,
Thank you for the recent comments, thoughts and prayers..I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Its been pretty surreal and difficult but Im sure it will get easier one day..
Anyways, thanks again and I look forward to coming back to your blog again soon
Candy :)

kari and kijsa said...

A wonderful post!!

kari & kijsa

Heidi Jo the Artist said...

An excellent post! Happy Pink Saturday, a little late!

Heidi Jo the Artist

Graceful Rose said...

Thank you for following my blog, great to have you along. I love your post about the breast cancer and LNT. I will try to get there soon and will definitely pick up some of the pink wrapping paper at WM. Thanks for the great information!